Breath of Fire III (PSP)

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Breath of Fire III for the PSP. Comes complete with the manual and case. Nearly a 10/10, information pills barely used and from a smoke free/pet free environment. Mint copy of an export (PAL) game.

The manual is very crisp and likely never been read, or read a handful of times, and the case/disc show extremely minimal wear.

Old Price: $30.00

Price: $25.00

You save: $5.00

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Crypt of the NecroDancer (Collector’s Edition)

Very fun rouge-like and dance mix game. Extremely hardcore, and for gameplay related videos I'd recommend looking up AGDQ (Awesome Game's Done Quickly)'s video.

Included in the digital collector's edition is:

  • Crypt of the NecroDancer (Base Game)
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer Extended Soundtrack
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer Extended Soundtrack 2
  • Crypt of the NecroDancer Extras
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer Original Danny Baranowsky Soundtrack

Code will be emailed once payment is received.

Old Price: $38.69

Price: $26.99

You save: $11.70

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Duck Tales (1990) Sealed Copy

The game is brand new and sealed, and still has the tag and the seam on the back. There's not much to report about this one. No crushing or damage on the box that appears visible, and the seal is in pretty good condition with very minor wear. All the corners are great, and the box itself is in flawless condition.

Old Price: $130.00

Price: $120.00

You save: $10.00

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Final Fantasy 3/III (Snes) Complete w/ Guide!

Hi guys.

Up for sale today we have a very good copy of FF3 for the Super Nintendo. I've bought and sold video games (and collected them) for years and this is one of the nicer copies of FF3 I've stumbled across. The auction additionally includes a strategy guide for FF3 (which has seen better days), but let's talk about stuff!

The box itself is in great shape. Probably an 8 overall, it has very minimal wear. I tried to take as many pictures of the box as I could around all the corners so check the pictures for better visuals. The box actually still has the shrink wrap it came in (and has a rip in the back in the plastic only). The plastic hangs off a bit, but I didn't want to remove the plastic prior to listing. Whoever ends up buying it can decide what to do with it, whether it be trimming it down, ripping it off, etc.

The manual has some creases and wear and on the back a slight dog ear (as pictured). No writing or stickers or anything, anywhere. I'd rate the manual perhaps a 7.5 - 8 as well.

The cart is also free from any kind of defacing. There's some light scratching under light and was wrapped in plastic. It includes a dust cover, and the game itself was tested on real hardware prior to listing and the save battery works. Everything included is probably an 8 as well.

The various promotional inserts are a 10, and the maps likely weigh in at an 8 as well. They've been open and folded, but they're logically creased and haven't seen as much wear as everything else.

The strategy guide is thrown in here because I didn't want to be seedy and separate it into two lots. I'd rate it maybe a 5 or 6. There's no rips on the inside I was able to spot (I read through it for nostalgia sake prior to listing) but there was some former water damage or something as the pages feel a little crinkly. Also, there's a small rip in the front of the cover, and overall, it's seen a lot of use.

Price: $300.00

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NBA 2016 (2K16) Steam/PC Key (Michael Jordan Edition)

From the Beswick Pottery collection, this is a novelty teapot shaped like a panda. The panda's head is actually the lid, and the piece of bamboo he's holding is serves as the handle. Very nice shape.

The panda measures approximately 6.5"/16.5 cms high, and he's in excellent condition. No damage, nicks, etc.
Jordan Edition includes the base game and the following bonuses:

  • Digital Jordan shoes for your MyPlayer
  • Digital Jordan T-shirt for your MyPlayer
  • Digital Jordan jersey for your MyPlayer
  • 30, order 000 Virtual Currency
  • MyTEAM VIP+:
    • 3 Emerald Packs AND a new Special Edition Exclusive Moments Card

Code will be emailed once payment is received.

Old Price: $99.99

Price: $65.00

You save: $34.99

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Penguin Wars (1985) Sealed Copy

Penguin Wars for the original Game Boy (sealed). Everything included is in great shape considering its age, salve sans a small crease-line on one of the sides of the box.

Old Price: $100.00

Price: $90.00

You save: $10.00

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