Breath of Fire III (PSP)

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- No selling premiums or fees. Likewise, no low ball offers will be accepted (like some consignment places) that just auction everything for pennies to clear out inventory or stock.
- A decade of experience selling on auction websites such as eBay and shipping fragile items with care.
- Various contacts that allow me to advertise in certain physical stores, buy wholesale, etc, that might allow you to directly sell to them instead of an individual person.
- Possible full price cash offers if the item personally interests me.
- Same day money transfers when your item sells.
- (Often) same day communication if you have any questions or concerns.
Breath of Fire III for the PSP. Comes complete with the manual and case. Nearly a 10/10, information pills barely used and from a smoke free/pet free environment. Mint copy of an export (PAL) game.

The manual is very crisp and likely never been read, or read a handful of times, and the case/disc show extremely minimal wear.

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Price: $25.00

You save: $5.00

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