Hi there.

Welcome to my little slice of internet served à la code. Awesome

I’ve sold on eBay for for over a decade now, and I wanted to bridge the gap between the eBay framework and universe and creating my own website that focuses on interesting and unique items to sell. I hope you, as a customer, appreciate coming here and checking out all the oddball items for sale. I've always thought one of eBay's greatest features was the fact it was like a permanent Saturday morning flea market.

I'll accept items on a consignment basis, but as for actual stock (that I'll try and acquire and sell at regular intervals myself) you can generally expect a mix of nerd culture and rustic antiques: retro and modern video games, trading cards, etc. I hope to eventually be a regular in your repertoire of eCommerce sites when you're poking around online.

Any inquiries or questions about anything can be sent to: dave@davesjunkyard.ca.

Additionally, you can check out my eBay store & auctions here.